Andrew & Stacey


How did you find out about Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design?

I live by Locke Street, so when I searched the internet for custom jewelry design, Laura’s name caught my eye! I feel strongly about supporting local artisans so I was excited to find someone in my area of Hamilton, and it was clear from the photos on her website that she had the talent and creativity to create the engagement ring I had in mind.

Interestingly, I had to get a simple band for my wife-to-be, as she is a nurse and cannot wear diamond rings at work. Furthermore, she was preparing for a trip to Africa, where I knew something simple would be safer. I bought an antique ring and brought it to Laura to have it resized. On that particular occasion, I had the pleasure of meeting her father, also a jeweller, who arranged this for me himself. This was in fact the ring I proposed with!

What did Laura create for you? (Describe the process that lead you to the final product) Did you supply any gemstones? If yes, were they sentimental? How so?

My first meeting with Laura was to discuss my vision for my wife’s engagement ring. We went through my inspirations, elements I knew my wife would want, as well as some practical considerations. Laura then went about drawing up a design and sourced some diamonds. At our second meeting, it was clear she had the right design from the start. Her sketches captured my ideas, needing no alteration. We clarified a few details and looked at potential diamonds. I was looking for a cushion cut diamond with some specific qualities, so we met for a third time to look at more diamonds and found the perfect one for the ring. From that point on I had to wait in anticipation for the final product!

When it came to getting our wedding rings, we knew we had to go back to Laura. Again, she was able to tease out what we were looking for, even down to the material of the rings, and make something unique that was beautiful and fit us.


Why did you want an original design?

I wanted a timeless symbol of my unique love for my matchless bride. Knowing that the ring on her finger is like no other in the world is a reminder of the bond that only we share. In designing the ring, I was able to translate my knowledge of my partner into a physical token expressing my affection and my understanding of who she is.

Was there any special meaning/inspiration behind the piece?

My wife was my inspiration. I wanted a piece that would mirror her beauty and personality. It had to have a classic design that would not fade with time, shimmer like when she smiles, and yet also have unexpected elements to please and surprise.


How did the recipient react?

There was laughter, smiles, and tears! And more tears when she read the personal engraving. My wife couldn’t stop watching her ring sparkle!

Why should someone come and see Laura?

As I told a friend (who is now engaged and wearing a unique Laura Tedesco ring herself!), Laura’s process is unlike anything else. I had already spent time in jewellery stores, where I saw some pretty pieces, but nothing that truly matched what I was looking for. While the service was genteel, I often received advice that this ring is “pretty close” or meets most of my criteria. With Laura I felt that I was able to have an open and comfortable discussion about what I wanted and what was feasible. She understood not only the physical elements of the creation I had envisioned, but also the inspiration behind it. More importantly, she had the talent to translate this into reality, and the creativity to exceed my greatest expectations.

"My wife was my inspiration. I wanted a piece that would mirror her beauty and personality."