Design Process

Why Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design for custom work? 
At Laura Tedesco Jewellery design you are given the opportunity to work with award-winning jewellery designers, certified diamond professionals and artistic talent whose speciality and passion lie in the art of jewellery design.  Laura and her team are always progressing and keeping up to date with industry trends and standards. The quality and craftsmanship in a Laura Tedesco original design is of high quality and a finished piece of jewellery will speak for itself. 

Does Laura make the jewellery? 
No.  Laura designs your jewellery and works closely with craftsmen and manufacturers who bring your piece to life. We work with goldsmiths, skilled craftsmen and diamond setters - each specialized in their field.  We're similar to  architects who provide a blueprint for design and then sources the best of the best for the workmanship, and oversee every detail to ensure your final piece is produced exactly how envisioned.

I think I know what I want, but I’m not very creative and uncertian that I won’t be able to express what I want.
We have worked with hundreds of clients and have the experience to ask the right questions to spark the creative genius in all of us. 

We will make you feel comfortable by showing you many samples, pictures and styles of settings.  The process is meant to be fun and exciting.  Each piece is new, so we'll build a relationship in the creation process.  Trust us, this is our speciality, we will help you figure it out!   

Custom work worries me a little.  What if I'm not satisfied with the final product?
Not to worry, before a design even goes into production, everything will be explained in detail to ensure you have an understanding of what the final piece will look like.  In addition to a verbal explanation, you will receive 2d sketches all done to scale (life-like sizing) or 3D CAD images depending on the design.  We definitely don’t want there to be any surprises in the end result (unless you like surprises!).  Thus, with open communication and life-like computer imaging, it’s difficult not to be able to visualize or interpret a design before it’s produced.

I love the design you’ve presented!  Let’s move forward. What is the next step?
After a 25%-%50 deposit is placed, we will start production of your custom piece of jewellery. It takes on average 5 weeks to produce, but can take up to 7 weeks depending on the scope of the design.

How long does the entire process take to produce a One-of-a-kind design?
Here’s a brief sample timeline:   (Or click here for design process).

  1. First meeting (our scheduled consultation) - we discuss design options etc.  If you’d like to have a design drawn up or a computer rendering created, there’s a design period of about 2 weeks to produce a design and work out price quotes.
  2. Two weeks later - We meet again, design is presented with pricing for your consideration. 
  3. If the design is approved, we take the design into production which takes 5 to 7 weeks depending on the type of the design.
  4. After the piece of jewellery is complete, we meet again for the final viewing of your new creation.  

I don't wish to move forward with the design or price quote.  Is there a fee for your sketch/consultation?

No. One round of designs (along with pricing for your consideration) is free of charge.  The consultation is also free.   We keep the the design(s) and add them to our portfolio.  Meeting new people and creating jewellery is never a waste of time - it's what we love to do!

What is CAD?
CAD stands for Computer Aid Design.  

What other services do you provide?
​Jewellery repairs and maintenace. Including, but not limited to: ring sizing, refurbishing, rhodium plating, re-tipping, soldering, etc.  

Repurposing Gems & Metal

I have rings and various pieces of jewelry that I don’t wear. Can we remove the gems and reuse them?                                   Of course!  We are happy to help you create a meaningful piece of jewelry by incorporating sentimental gems. We work with old family heirlooms, wedding sets, and inherited jewelry that may need a little updating or a personalized touch.

I have a loose diamond that I’ve purchased online or elsewhere.  Can you use it?
Absolutely!  Bring it in and we will help you choose the perfect mount, ring, or pendant etc. for it.

What about the metal?  Can we melt the gold and incorporate it in the new piece along with the gemstones?
If you wish to produce a high-quality piece of jewellery like the designs you see in the custom gallery - the simple is answer, no. The main reason is quality control.  We prefer to supply the metals to start fresh with pure gold and alloy. This way, you are allowed to choose the karat of gold, colour of gold or metal preference in your finished jewellery.  When the piece is produced using our gold,  we can stamp your superior product with the proper karat i.e.: 14K and you can be sure there will be no casting issues and the metal will be smooth and porosity-free  (no pits or tiny imperfections), also free from future cracking or fading in colour.  

Caring for your Jewellery

How do I maintain my jewellery?
​All jewellery eventually will require maintenance with normal daily wear and tear.  However, for jewellery that is worn 24/7, or during laborious activity, maintenance will be required much more often.  It is always recommended to remove jewellery when exercising, cleaning, gardening,  or coming in contact with harsh chemicals such as swimming pools where chlorine may be present.  All precious metals will wear with time so it is wise to have your prongs, claws and tips (diamonds) checked annually.

We offer special cleaning solutions for your gold and gems.