Brett & Alexis

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When Brett Denarde decided to propose to his then girlfriend, Alexis, he thought that “buying a piece from a large jewellery store was boring and not very creative",  so he purchased a beautiful loose marquise diamond and had it temporarily mounted in a simple setting with the intention of just using the for the proposal.  This gave Alexis the opportunity to be a part of creating the engagement ring of their dreams. (Brett also had Laura design his wedding band using the same marquise shape diamond as Alexis').

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As Brett puts it, "they both wanted an original design that can reflect our personalities”  Not long after the meeting, Laura provided a rough sketch of the rings and then a 3D computer design, the final pieces were “exactly what we pictured based on the drawing and computer models. They turned out perfectly!!”.

Shoes rings

Brett and Alexis became returning customers when Laura designed a one year anniversary band to match the wedding band and engagement ring.  When asked why someone should see Laura, they say “Laura is professional, very friendly, and a pleasure to work.  She listens to our ideas and will provide her own to help with the process if required. She was always available for questions, and was very flexible with times to meet her. We will definitely be seeing Laura again in the future."

"We turned the Marquise Diamond horizontally, added some hearts and more stones to make the ring of this style very unique. We met with Laura in her beautiful, cozy studio to go over options”