Nicole & Phillip

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How did you find out about Laura Tedesco Jewellery Design? 

To be honest, it’s funny how small Hamilton really is and how connected we are.  When someone always asked for a great Jewellery Store, Hamiltonians always responded Venetian Jewellers. My parents & family used to shop at Venetian Jewellers for years because they had the best quality. Venetian Jewellers was owned by Laura Tedesco’s father, Dino. I had previously seen Laura’s work in person and online and guess what? It blew me away! I knew that when I got engaged, I had to have a “Laura Tedesco” Engagement Ring.

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What did Laura create for you? 

Laura helped my fiancé Phillip and I create the engagement ring of my dreams. At our consult, Laura took the time to educate us both about the different shapes and the 4 C’s of Diamonds. She even asked me to create a board on Pinterest so that she could get the feel for what style and look I loved. Laura even sketched the look and confirmed it with Phillip to make sure he was totally content with the overall look since it was a surprise for me. Lastly, Laura helped Phillip every step of the way, but most importantly she listened to our thoughts and ideas. 

Why did you want an original design? 

I wanted an original design because I think an engagement ring should be personalized and made special for the one you love. My philosophy is that you marry the one you love once so the ring you have should be the one you will love for a lifetime as well. Whenever I looked at people’s engagement rings I found that they all looked “similar”. I wanted a unique ring that could be crafted to represent me.

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Was there any special meaning/ inspiration behind the piece?

I am so fortunate that my fiancé Phillip supported my idea about getting my engagement ring designed & created by Laura Tedesco. Phillip talked about how he heard horror stories of people buying their finances engagement rings and five years later they wanted it rest to how they “would have” liked it. He wanted me to fall in love with the ring. 

How did you feel when you first saw your newly designed piece? 

My exact words when Phillip proposed to me were, “Yes, and I love it!” Even though I went to the first consult, the final design was kept a surprise. The only word to describe the ring is, “perfect”. 

Phillip proposed to me at Queen Victoria Park in front of Niagara Falls before we went to New York City to celebrate our Engagement. I was tearing up and said “I loved it”. I than ran away from Phillip and started taking photos of my gorgeous ring with the flowers. That just tells you how much I love it!

Why should someone come and see Laura? 

If someone would like a personal and meaningful keepsake than Laura is your lady. Phillip’s exact words after he gave me the ring were, “When I gave you the ring, I saw your face light up and I knew it was all worth it.” Thank you, Laura, for creating and designing the engagement ring of my dreams!